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Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome

Greetings to all from Bertha Neal Elementary School! Bertha Neal Elementary serves the preschool through first grade students for the Durand Area Schools. We provide a warm and friendly learning environment for approximately 250 students.

We are a MiBLSi (Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative) school and our students are certainly showing the gains in reading that we hoped for. The North Central Accreditation (NCA) process has also supported our efforts to continually improve instruction for our children. More importantly, we have a strong believe in forming everlasting relationships with all students and it is those relationships that make the work we do so special. 

Our staff is composed of energetic and enthusiastic teachers and support personnel who clearly find teaching and working with children joyful and professionally fulfilling. The parents who send their children to Bertha Neal School give us wonderful support and great positive feedback for our efforts. We work at making Bertha Neal School a warm and welcoming environment and parent response confirms that we are successful. In the end, we love our partnership with you and we love what we are able to do for our students.  We appreciate you instilling the trust that you do in all of us here.  
We hope this year is a wonderful year for your child. Please do keep an open line of communication and feel free to interact with your child's teacher and myself to ensure this is a great year for all.  Your partnership is vital to the success of their growing minds. 

With love,
Robert Cawson
Bertha Neal Principal and Preschool Director