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Greetings Past, Current and Future Railroaders,

Please find a very important communication in a link below regarding registration. Within this communication you will find an abundance of early childhood programming information along with a survey that will help us with our fall planning.  It will be imperative that all families looking to register, or have already registered, fill out the survey to the best of their ability if you so could.  We look forward to using this information to helping families through the registration process and meeting the separate family needs that exist out there. 

Without hesitation, I kindly ask that you take a close look at this preschool communication letter below and fill out the survey if you have a child entering kindergarten or preschool, and pass this info along to any family who might benefit.  

Preschool Interest Survey

Take care,

Robert Cawson
Bertha Neal Principal
[email protected] 

Important Preschool and Kindergarten Registration Information

Greetings Current or Prospective Durand Area Schools Bertha Neal #LittleRailroaders Families:

We have created a Google Form so that we can track data for our current families and prospective new families who want to register for Kindergarten, GSRP (Great Start Readiness Program – State-funded, FREE preschool for qualifying 4-year-olds) which is full day and full day Tuition Preschool for 3-year-olds. This form alone will not register your child for a program, but will put you into our database so that we can follow up with you for registration if needed based on what you tell us of your desired plan for next year. Teachers will be sharing this with their current families, too. We will also have this posted on our Facebook pages, other social media accounts, and our website to connect with families who are interested in registering for one of our Durand Area Schools and Bertha Neal Elementary Early Childhood Programs. This information is important, and we are strongly encouraging everyone to refer a friend by sharing this information with anyone they may know looking for an early childhood program for next year. You will also find PDF copies of the registration forms needed to begin your child’s official registration process attached to this communication.  We are depending on this communication and a survey to support families who plan to register with the Durand Area Schools and recruit new families who are seeking outstanding early childhood programs.

If you would like more information about our early childhood programs, please see the link below:

In addition to completing the survey, if you are wanting to begin the registration process officially, please access one of our registration packets.  These packets can be found as PDF files attached to this communication, located on our school website, and accessed at Bertha Neal. Upon completion of these packets, feel free to drop the packet in our secured drop box.   This is another great way to jump start all your registration needs.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us help families find the early childhood programs that are best for them!

Kindergarten Application:

Preschool Application:


Robert Cawson, Principal/Preschool Director
Durand Area Schools
Bertha Neal Elementary
[email protected]


First Step:
Please begin by completing this form;


Second Step:

If you plan to register for Preschool or Kindergarten at Durand Area Schools, please download the required application or pick one up from Bertha Neal. This completed form can be secured in an envelope and dropped in our 24/7 drop box.

  • 3 Year Old Preschool Program
    It is a tuition-based program where all proceeds go directly back into the operation of the program. Some financial assistance via the Shiawassee County Preschool Scholarship fund is available for those who apply/qualify.  The 3 Year Old Preschool program is housed at Bertha Neal Elementary School in the City of Durand.  It operates Monday through Thursday from (8:30a - 3:25p).  The program is taught by two trained professionals in the Early Childhood Development and Education field.  Children must be 3 years old by September 1st and must be potty trained.

  • 4 Year Old Preschool Program
    The 4 year old preschool is also housed at Bertha Neal Elementary School in Durand.  There are three 4-year old classrooms at Bertha Neal and the program is taught by trained professionals in the Early Childhood Development and Education field.  The 4 year old program consists of GSRP, Tuition, and Scholarship-funded students.  Preschool is in session Monday through Thursday with Full Day (8:30a-3:25p) sessions.  Children must be 4 years old on or before September 1st to enroll.  
*The preschool program participates in the Michigan Department of Education Early Childhood Programs. The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a grant from the state that offers free preschool to at-risk 4 year old students. Call (989) 288-2016 for more information about applying for a preschool scholarship.

How to register:

  • Durand Area Preschool Registration:  Students must be 3, 4 or 5 on or before September 1st to be age-eligible for Preschool and/or Kindergarten.  Please call Bertha Neal at 989-288-2016.  Please bring a copy of your child's state birth certificate, immunization record, a current physical (if you have one) and a copy of your most recent taxes (or 2 pay check stubs).  You can register at Bertha Neal during regular office hours.